Google Lens stock photos 5

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Google Lens lets you start an object search and, once the image search is complete, add more context through text or voice.
  • In the future, Google could simplify this process by letting you long press the shutter button to add voice context to your photo or video. There is also a new animation similar to Circle to Search.
  • This feature is not currently live and may or may not roll out in the future.

Google Lens is a nifty tool that makes it trivial to image search objects around you. It’s great for reading barcodes and QR codes and for looking up web results by just pointing your camera at something. While Google Lens is pretty good and gets the job done, sometimes an image search query could use some added context. Google is working on improving Google Lens’ ability to accept additional context with some key changes.

When you access Google Lens and conduct an image search, you need to press the shutter button to start a search. After the image search is performed, you can add context to the search by tapping on the voice search icon. Additional context can take the form of voice or text.