google home app 3

Credit: Rita El Khoury / Android Authority
  • Google Home app has reinstated multi-speaker volume control, previously removed due to a lawsuit with Sonos.
  • Users can now adjust the volume across multiple speakers using the app or voice commands.
  • Future updates promise further enhancements to group volume control, including integration with smart displays.

Google has reinstated a popular feature in the Google Home app: the ability to adjust the volume of multiple speakers simultaneously. This functionality, which Google had to remove in the wake of a legal dispute with Sonos, is now back, surely to the relief of many users.

The original removal stemmed from a lawsuit filed by Sonos, accusing Google of infringing on various technological patents. Sonos claimed that Google’s entire Nest and Chromecast product lines were utilizing proprietary Sonos technology, including features like phone-based music streaming control, speaker group management, and automatic equalization.