Google Drive logo on smartphone laying on desk Stock photo 2

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Google Drive could soon be able to save scanned documents as JPEG files in addition to its current ability to save them as PDFs.
  • This would give Google Drive better feature parity against dedicated document scanner apps like Microsoft Lens.

Google Drive is an excellent cloud storage solution from Google, especially for Google One users who rely on it heavily beyond the free tier. Google Drive is also a decent document scanner, but dedicated apps like Microsoft Lens handle document scanning much better. For many users, scanning a document is usually done to share it forward or for storage and archival purposes. Google Drive could soon be a better document scanner, taking the fight more directly to Microsoft Lens.

Google Drive already allows you to scan pages and upload them as PDFs using the document scanner present in the Android ML Kit. However, as we spotted in the latest Google Drive v2.24.227.0, the app will soon let you save these scanned pages as .jpeg image files, too.