Google Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 held in hand

Credit: C. Scott Brown / Android Authority
  • A leaker has corroborated claims that TSMC will produce chipsets for the Pixel 10 series and later.
  • This would be a big change for Google as Samsung has produced all of its Pixel chipsets.
  • TSMC has generally offered more efficient processors than chips produced by Samsung.

Google’s Tensor processors for its Pixel phones have long been developed in partnership with Samsung and manufactured by Samsung Foundry. We’ve previously heard reports that Google could switch things up with the Tensor G5 inside the Pixel 10 range, and another source has echoed this claim.

Leaker Revegnus posted on X that Tensor chipsets from the Pixel 10 series onwards will be manufactured by TSMC. The tipster also added that Google will use TSMC’s 3nm process (ostensibly for the Tensor G5, at the very least). They also added that Google was expanding its R&D facility in Taiwan and hiring more local semiconductor engineers in preparation for the switch to TSMC.