Google logo boot Pixel 8

Credit: Damien Wilde / Android Authority
  • Previously, Google had language in its service and repair terms and conditions that said if you sent in a device with non-OEM parts, it would not return the device.
  • That language has now been changed to clarify that Google will return your device unless there are health or safety requirements that prevent it from doing so.
  • The company denies that it ever actually kept devices.

Just yesterday, Google’s service and repair ToS contained wording that said it would not return your device if it found non-OEM parts in the Android phone you sent in for repair. The firm has now changed its terms and conditions to reflect that it won’t steal your phone.

Earlier this week, Google landed in hot water after it was discovered that the company could keep your phone if you sent it in for repair with non-OEM parts. After pointing out the language, a Google spokesperson reached out to Android Authority to clarify that it doesn’t keep Pixel phones, regardless of whether they have non-OEM parts or not. The company also said it would be updating its terms and conditions.