Google Calendar app on smartphone stock photo (2)

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Google Calendar could soon get a dedicated Birthday chip when creating a new event.
  • The Birthday chip removes unnecessary fields from the standard event creation screen, tuning it better for adding birthdays.

Google Calendar is a rather underrated Google app that does most things right. Since it is part of GMS, most Android phones come with it out of the box, and users generally don’t need to install an alternative calendar app. Many people add birthdays to Google Calendar to get reminded of such important dates every year without manually creating a new event for every year. Google seemingly recognizes this use case, as an upcoming Google Calendar update would make it even easier to add birthdays.

In the latest Google Calendar v2024.21.0-637471596 app update, we managed to activate a dedicated “Birthday” chip that makes it super convenient to add recurring birthday events.