Google Pixel 9 wallpapers on Pixel 8 Pro angled

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • Google has launched an extended repair program for Pixel 8 devices experiencing display issues.
  • The program offers coverage for affected devices for three years after the original purchase date.
  • The display issues involve vertical lines running across the screen and persistent flickering.

It seems like display issues on phones with AMOLED screens are getting more frequent, such as the recent green line issue plaguing Samsung Galaxy devices. Pixel 8 series owners have also joined the ranks of those experiencing display woes, with vertical lines and flickering reported on numerous units across social media platforms like Reddit and X/Twitter. (h/t: Droid Life)

Although the exact number of affected devices remains unclear, we could see posts about these issues dating back up to 6 months ago. Responding to customer complaints, Google has finally taken action to address the situation by initiating an extended repair program.