other addresses tab

Credit: Andrew Grush / Android Authority
  • Google has added an Other Addresses section that makes it easier to manage addresses you’ve used across Google services like billing addresses, autofill forms, and the like.
  • Not all apps are included, as this doesn’t track addresses entered into services like Google Maps.

It seems Google has quietly upgraded its Google Account settings to include the ability to manage more than just your work and home addresses. These additional addresses can’t be entered manually from here but are instead pulled from addresses you’ve previously used with autofill in applications like Chrome or Google Pay. This applies to all platforms, including PC, iOS, and Android.

In addition to adding any address used with a Google form, the company also lets you manage any profile or billing addresses you’ve used with its services. You’ll be able to edit these addresses and even add simple nicknames for easier management. There’s even a remove button that makes it easy to get rid of addresses you no longer need.