Gmail on smartphone stock photo 6

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • We had previously reported a new Gemini button in the Gmail for Android app.
  • Google has added new features to the button, including quick prompts for suggested actions.
  • The button can also be used for additional capabilities like searching within your mailbox and drafting emails.

Google has been making steady strides in embedding its Gemini AI more deeply into its suite of services and our digital lives. With Gemini already on its way to replace Google Assistant as the default digital assistant, its role within the Gmail app is also expanding significantly.

Earlier, we reported about a new Gemini button in the Gmail Android app (version 2024.05.19.635289964). By tweaking some flags, we managed to activate this feature to explore its functions. Now, with the release of Gmail version 2024.05.26.638440827, Google has introduced some noteworthy updates to the button’s functionality.