A Garmin smartwatch displays the Rate of perceived exertion metric.

Credit: Garmin
  • Garmin’s software update affects the Fenix 6 series, Enduro, and Marq models.
  • It includes a new subjective workout metric: Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and feel.
  • It also brings improvements to other fitness features.

Garmin’s latest software update enables a host of fitness features for the Fenix 6 series, Enduro, and Marq models. Among these is a call to self-assess with the introduction of Rate of Perceived exertion (RPE) and feel.

Rate of Perceived Exertion and feel

If you’ve ever finished a workout totally gassed and thought “remember this moment,” your Garmin watch wants to hear about it. Fenix 6 series, Enduro, and Marq users can now rate how intense a workout was and how it felt, subjectively speaking. Think of this feature as the gym partner you typically commiserate with, but on your wrist and on the record. Your RPE feedback will upload to Garmin’s health app, Garmin Connect, in addition to your physical metrics. This data will help Garmin determine the intensity of your future workouts.

Improved Intensity Minutes

Similarly, Garmin’s software update brings improvements to its Intensity Minutes feature. Users earn Intensity Minutes credit with moderate exercise (like brisk walks) or vigorous activity (like running or uphill cycling). They are indicated by an elevated heart rate or an increased frequency of steps per minute. With the new update, you can now receive feedback on your Intensity Minutes during activity with an optional data field. You can also find out how and when they were earned directly on your watch or through Garmin Connect.

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Improved Fitness Age

Image illustrates the new suggestions added to the Fitness age feature in Garmin's software update

Credit: Garmin

The update also brings improvements to Fitness Age, Garmin’s estimate of how old your body is performing physically. In addition to fine-tuning accuracy, Garmin has added actionable recommendations for decreasing your Fitness Age including suggested activities.

Activity Challenges and Badges

To further entice users to take those suggestions, Fenix 6 series, Enduro, and Marq wearers can download the Garmin Connect Challenges app. Now you can keep tabs on activity challenges and discover new badges, competing against your connections. (Because what motivates better than a little friendly competition?)

While some Garmin fans are itching for a Fenix 7, this update is another example of Garmin’s constant support and development of its devices. Year in and year out, the company adds and improves its fitness features. This means that no matter which device you own, you’ve made a solid investment.