Garmin Fenix 7 Pro review: At a glance

  • What is it? The Fenix 7 Pro is Garmin’s latest addition to the beloved Fenix smartwatch lineup. It showcases a brand-new heart rate sensor, a sharper MIP display, and more features across all three case sizes. Every Fenix 7 Pro model now offers a built-in flashlight, 32GB of storage, solar charging, and multiband GNSS, as well as new training metrics, activity modes, and weather and mapping tools.
  • What is the price? Pricing for the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro starts at $799 across all three sizes. Sapphire models of each cost an additional $100.
  • Where can you buy it? The Garmin Fenix 7 Pro is available now from Garmin and Amazon.
  • How did we test it? I tested the Garmin Fenix 7S Pro Saphire Solar edition for nine days paired with my Samsung Galaxy A51. The review unit was supplied by Garmin.
  • Is it worth it? The Garmin Fenix 7 Pro is a fantastic device worth considering if your budget allows it. It’s accurate, reliable, offers fantastic battery life, and puts all the best Garmin has to offer on wrists of every size. The only reason you might want to hold off buying is the potential for a Fenix 8 to offer greater upgrades, but that doesn’t stop this from being a fantastic addition to Garmin’s multisport family.

Should you buy the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro?

A Garmin fenix 7 Pro on a user's wrist demonstrates the brightest modes of its LED flashlight.

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

When it comes to the latest Fenix 7 Pro series, size finally doesn’t matter. All Pro series devices, including the 42mm Fenix 7S Pro, 47mm Fenix 7 Pro, and 51mm Fenix 7X Pro, now offer nearly identical experiences. They’re comfortable, classy, packed with features, and available in base or Sapphire models. They also all debut an updated Memory in Pixel (MIP) display that’s more readable in low-light environments.