Garmin Dexcom G6 devices diabetes blood glucose tracking

Credit: Garmin
  • Garmin has released a new Dexcom app to the Connect IQ store.
  • People with diabetes who own a Dexcom G6 CGM will be able to see their real-time blood glucose levels on their compatible Garmin devices.
  • People with diabetes looking to track their numbers should no longer need to use the unofficial (and sometimes unreliable) Dexcom Garmin app.

Those living without diabetes might be surprised to hear that diabetic technology is developed at the rate of molasses. Depending on the company that makes your diabetic hardware, you’ll either have a fully connected ecosystem of devices that can track your blood glucose levels, or you’re a Medtronic customer.

Garmin has good news for those who fall into the Dexcom camp. Starting today, you can download an official Dexcom app from Garmin’s Connect IQ store. This will allow Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics to track their blood glucose levels directly on their compatible Garmin watch or cycling computer.