Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 typing unfolded

Yep, there’s still a crease.
Credit: Ryan Whitwam / Android Authority
  • A rumor suggests the display crease will be reduced on the Galaxy Z Fold 6.
  • The display’s crease won’t be completely eliminated, however.

Foldable phones have greatly improved since they were first introduced to the market. However, the display crease still remains a problem that needs to be solved. Samsung hasn’t managed to eliminate the crease yet from its foldables, but a rumor claims it has been reduced on the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

According to tipster Ice Universe, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is currently undergoing tests. The people who are testing the handset are allegedly saying that the display crease hasn’t been eliminated, but Samsung has found a way to reduce it compared to the previous model.