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Credit: Oliver Cragg / Android Authority
  • A leak has revealed the price of the Galaxy S23 family in Spain.
  • The leak suggests that the device will be more expensive than its predecessor.
  • It’s likely the US will be unaffected and the price will stay the same.

The launch of the Galaxy S23 series is not far off now, with about a week left to go. There’s been speculation that Samsung could raise the price of this year’s flagship in certain territories, but there hasn’t been anything more concrete than rumors. However, that may have changed after a new leak.

After recently claiming the basic model of the Galaxy S23 could get a bump in brightness, prolific leaker Roland Quandt tweeted out a new leak that revealed international pricing for the S23 lineup. According to Quandt, a Spanish retailer was the party that leaked the pricing for the S23. Based on the leak, you may end up paying: