galaxy ai stock photo

Credit: Rita El Khoury / Android Authority
  • The Galaxy AI feature called Live Translate is going to work in non-Samsung apps soon.
  • This will allow you to use your favorite calling apps on your Galaxy device and still have access to Live Translate, which is currently not possible.
  • Samsung didn’t say when this would roll out, but it seems like something that might launch with the upcoming foldables.

When Samsung announced Galaxy AI in tandem with the Galaxy S24 series, one of the highlight features was Live Translate. This allows you to hear live translations during phone calls, an incredibly useful feature if you are traveling. Regardless of what language you speak and what language the person on the other end of the line speaks, you will be able to understand each other in real-time.

Notably, Live Translate works for the receiver of the call regardless of what phone they are using. Android, iOS, feature phone, or even landline — it doesn’t matter. However, you, the caller, currently must use the native Samsung dialer app for the call. Any other apps that support calls won’t work with Live Translate.