Google Find My Device settings on smartphone screen stock photo

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Android’s Find My Device app manages signed-in Android devices and will soon become the hub for tracking Android trackers, too.
  • Users currently need to sign in to the app with their account password every time they need to manage their devices. Soon, they will be able to use a biometric login to sign into the app.
  • The biometric login feature is not currently live but could be rolled out in the future.

Android’s upgraded Find My Device network is here, and we’re on the verge of receiving Android trackers, too, that would compete against AirTags. You can manage all this through the updated Find My Device app on Android devices, marking it as an essential piece of the puzzle. However, the Find My Device app tends to slow down sign-ins with frequent account password requirements, which can quickly become annoying for many people. Google is exploring other ways of making the process easier, and biometric unlocks could be the key to the puzzle.

Currently, the Find My Device app needs your account password every time you open it. You can use the “Don’t ask again” option to avoid needing a password, but the consequence of this is that anyone with access to your unlocked phone will be able to access the Find My Device features of all your listed devices.