Fairphone Fairbuds 1

  • Fairphone has launched Fairbuds, earbuds that are meant to last as they allow you to replace the battery easily.
  • You can replace the battery of the earbud and the case and easily exchange several other parts.
  • Fairbuds cost €149 (~$162) in Europe and are available in Black and White colors.

Practically all of the best earbuds you can buy right now are disposable. If you face any hardware issues with the earbuds or the case, your only recourse is to get a replacement. Earbuds are practically impossible to repair, and the design and economic decisions made on them mean it is easier to throw broken ones out and buy new ones. Fairphone, known for its ethical take on smartphones, is now changing this perception by launching the seemingly impossible Fairbuds, earbuds that are repairable and meant to last.

Fairbuds are not only repairable but also designed to last, unlike other TWS earbuds. Fairphone says you can easily exchange seven spare parts on the Fairbuds: the earbud battery, silicone ring, earbud ear tips, charging case outer shell, charging case core, charging case battery, and the earbud itself.