Broken Cracked Screen

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Opinion post by
Robert Triggs

Between Galaxy AI and an industry-leading seven years of updates, Samsung gave us plenty of good reasons to buy the Galaxy S24 series at launch. Best of all to some ears, particularly those who want to keep their investment for a long time, Samsung also appeared to be getting more serious about right-to-repair, partnering with iFixit to make it easier and more affordable to keep your phones ticking over.

However, iFixit and Samsung have broken off their partnership, with the former unconvinced that Samsung is “serious about embracing repair” owing to high component costs. In addition, reports suggest that at least some of Samsung’s repair contracts contain Apple-esque dubious terms regarding third-party components. After a promising start, it’s not been a positive outcome if you were hoping to repair your Galaxy handset.