SoC resting on Google Pixel phone

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Two years ago, Google introduced Tensor — its first custom SoC for smartphones. Thanks to an enduring partnership with Samsung’s semiconductor division and its own engineering talent, we’re now on our second generation unique Tensor chip, the latest of which powers the Pixel 7 series. Even though the project receives some criticism for its lack of absolute top-tier performance in favor of AI smarts, there’s no arguing with the success of recent Pixel models.

Tensor has freed Google to leverage its AI expertise and build brand-new experiences that would otherwise be impossible, which have become core to the Pixel’s identity. Thanks to a source inside Google, we’ve gained a lot of insight into the upcoming Google Pixel 8 series of phones, as well as the SoC that will power them — Tensor G3 (codename zuma). Let’s get right into it.