google ai overviews

Credit: C. Scott Brown / Android Authority
  • Third-party analytics data suggests Google’s AI Overview results in Search were significantly scaled back after the original rollout.
  • Allegedly, these results may have dropped from 27% of queries to just 11% of them.
  • Interestingly, this drop happened before word started to spread about the terrible results AI Overview was providing to users.

At this point, pretty much everyone reading this is likely familiar with Google’s AI Overview system built into Google Search. Unfortunately, you probably know about it for reasons Google did not anticipate, namely for hilarious examples of terrible answers provided by AI to users spreading across the internet like wildfire. Examples included encouraging people to drink urine, eat at least one small rock each day, and put glue on pizza.

Now, according to a third-party analytics firm called BrightEdge (via WIRED), we have an idea of how Google has changed its AI Overview after its initial rollout.