A frame from the iPad Pro M4 ad featuring artist equipments being crushed.

Credit: Apple
  • Apple has posted a controversial ad featuring a hydraulic press crushing art equipment to create the new iPad Pro M4.
  • Internet users have mostly negative opinions about this ad, as they find it disrespectful toward creatives and their art.

Apple and controversy go hand in hand. From killing the headphone jack to embracing the 60Hz refresh rate on many of its flagship devices — the company is no stranger to questionable decisions. Its latest oopsie comes in the form of a controversial iPad Pro M4 ad, which has triggered people across the internet.

Titled Crush!, the advertisement features paint buckets, a piano, a retro arcade game, and other old-school artistic equipment being crushed by a hydraulic press. The iPad Pro M4 then emerges, symbolizing how it can handle a wide range of creative and entertainment tasks — despite its competitively slim design.