Spotify on a phone next to a guitar

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • After releasing the YouTube Music Extension for the Gemini Android app, Google has been spotted working on a Spotify Extension for Gemini.
  • The Spotify extension could be similar in functionality to the YouTube Music extension.
  • The Spotify extension is not currently live within Gemini but could launch soon.

Google has been investing heavily in Gemini, its AI-powered chatbot, to compete better against ChatGPT. Google is trying its best to integrate other apps and services that people use with its AI chatbot through Gemini Extensions (formerly known as Bard Extensions). The company recently announced the YouTube Music extension, allowing Gemini to find, play, and control music from YouTube Music. Google could soon extend the functionality to Spotify too.

We’ve spotted strings within the Google app v15.22.29.29.arm64 that indicate that Google is working on a Spotify extension for YouTube Music.