Eufy Find My Device Network Trackers

Credit: Eufy
  • Electronics company eufy quietly announced it will launch two new versions of its current trackers with support for Android’s Find My Device network.
  • There will be a keychain-style tracker as well as one shaped like a credit card for wallet tracking.
  • Both will launch in June for undisclosed prices.

Thanks to Apple dragging its metaphorical feet, it took over a year for Google to finally roll out support for the Find My Device network. This network securely and anonymously uses Bluetooth signals from the billions of active Android devices to accurately pinpoint the location of another device. Despite how great this is for the world of Android, there is still a dearth of devices you can actually buy that support the network.

Thankfully, there will be at least two additional products coming in June. In a blog post not many saw, eufy announced that its SmartTrack Link (
) and SmartTrack Card (
) devices will be relaunched as Find My Device network-compatible products (h/t 9to5Google). Currently, these are two of the least expensive trackers on the market, with list prices of just $19.99 and $29.99, respectively.