samsung galaxy watch 3 review all apps

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority
  • Samsung has posted a termination schedule for Galaxy Store services for Tizen smartwatches.
  • The Galaxy Store will soon stop allowing the purchase of paid apps, followed by stopping new downloads and, eventually, all downloads.
  • This does not affect Samsung’s newer Wear OS-based smartwatches.

Samsung is one of the biggest pioneers of smartwatches and one of the few manufacturers that has been around since the start and is still going strong. Samsung’s entry into the smartwatch space started a long time ago, and the Galaxy Watch lineup started with the original Galaxy Watch back in 2018. It ran Tizen, which many would strongly argue provided a better user experience than Wear OS at that time. Samsung jumped to Wear OS with the Galaxy Watch 4 (to help save Google’s wearable OS), but this jump came at the cost of Tizen. Samsung has now put Tizen on life support, and in the coming months, your Tizen watch’s functionality will become increasingly limited until its eventual demise.

Reddit user Seaweed_Maximum (via Techissuestoday) brought to light Samsung’s termination schedule for Galaxy Store access for Tizen smartwatches. According to screenshots of the notice posted purportedly by a member of the Galaxy Store Operations team, here is the timeline for various termination dates for Tizen watches: