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Credit: Elon Musk
  • Apple has entered into a partnership with OpenAI.
  • The partnership will bring ChatGPT-like features to iPhone, iPad, and iOS.
  • Elon Musk warns that he’ll ban Apple devices at all of his companies due to the integration.

There were rumors about Apple and OpenAI partnering up for a collaboration that would bring ChatGPT-like AI features to Apple’s devices. This was finally made concrete after an announcement during WWDC. Now Elon Musk is threatening to ban Apple devices at his companies.

During its WWDC keynote presentation, Apple announced it is teaming up with OpenAI to enhance its virtual assistant Siri. When iOS 18 rolls out, Siri will be integrated with ChatGPT-like smarts, giving it the flexibility of a conversational AI chatbot. While most queries will be handled by Apple’s technology, an algorithm will determine if a task should be handed over to OpenAI’s technology.