• The Lenovo ThinkPad Plus Twist has been announced at CES 2023.
  • The laptop features a standard OLED display as well as a 12-inch color e-ink display.
  • The design of the laptop makes it easy to twist it so you can pick between an e-ink typewriter or an e-ink tablet experience.
  • It will have a starting price of $1,649 and launch in June of 2023.

Lenovo is no stranger to laptops that twist, turn, and fold in all sorts of novel ways. At CES 2023 Lenovo does it again with a new twist on its Plus series with the aptly named Lenovo ThinkPad Plus Twist.

At a glance, the Twist looks very similar to the ThinkPad Plus (2nd gen), but it adds one very important change to the e-ink configuration. The Plus had a fixed black-and-white e-ink display on the back of the lid, while the Twist upgrades to a 12-inch color e-ink display with a 12Hz refresh rate. This display is perfect for reading books and comics and other tasks where you want a tablet-like experience. As the name implies, you can also turn the displays around, giving you a full e-ink laptop experience perfect for typing and other business uses while absolutely sipping on battery life.