Vintage wallpaper on Pixel 7 smartphone

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Changing the wallpaper is one of the simplest ways to add a touch of personality to your device. And if you are like me, you often find yourself reminiscing about the years past, and that classic look that has become timeless. Why not bring that look to your phone? We have put together a collection of vintage wallpapers for your phone.

Download these vintage wallpapers for your phone

There is a very important tip we should cover before getting started. Keep in mind you should not download the images you see right below. These have been compressed and optimized for improved website performance. They should be considered image previews and are for demonstration purposes only. If you download the wallpaper directly from these previews, it won’t look as good. Instead, go through the previews, make up your mind on which you want to use, and then click on the download button below the previews to download the full-resolution files.