Sci fi wallpaper on smartphone

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

The easiest way to spruce up your phone’s looks is to change the wallpaper. It takes very little effort, but finding the right background image can be a time-consuming task. The science fiction fans among us will probably want an appropriately themed picture, and we have assembled a collection of awesome sci-fi wallpapers for your phone.

Download these sci-fi wallpapers for your phone

Let’s get started by telling you how our wallpaper posts work. Your first thought might be to download the images you see below, but we would advise against this. These have been compressed and optimized for improved website performance, which means image quality will take a hit. Consider these image previews. You can go through them and see which your favorite sci-fi wallpapers are. When you make your mind up, click on the button below these previews to download the full-resolution sci-fi wallpapers.