Scary wallpaper on smartphone

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Lovers of the occult and terror have a very special taste. If you dare to wander into the darkest realms of your smartphone, today, we delve into a world where your phone’s background becomes a window into the unknown. We offer a glimpse into the abyss, where darkness whispers secrets your soul isn’t meant to hear. Here, lurk scary wallpapers for your phone.

Download these scary wallpapers for your phone

Let’s start by explaining how these wallpaper posts work. While your first reaction might be to download the images you see below, that is not the best idea. These images have been compressed and optimized for improved website performance. This means they won’t look as good as possible, and they are for demonstration purposes only. You can look through them, and when you find the scary wallpapers you like, go ahead and click on the download button right below them to grab the full-resolution images.