The simplest way to customize the look of your phone is by changing the wallpaper. Changing your phone’s background takes very little effort; the hard part is finding the right image. Sometimes, it’s better not to complicate things, especially if an elaborate wallpaper will simply be covered by a bunch of icons and widgets. If you prefer to keep your background minimal, we have put together a collection of awesome gradient wallpapers for your phone.

Download these gradient wallpapers for your phone

Let’s start by explaining how our wallpaper posts work. While it might be your first instinct, you shouldn’t simply download the wallpapers below. These images are compressed and have been optimized for improved website performance, which means they won’t look as good. These are considered image previews, and are meant for you to look through the wallpapers and decide which ones you like. When ready, click on the download button below the previews to get the full-resolution files in all their glory.