WhatsApp stock photo from Dec 2021 1

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • If you send someone a shortened URL, it will cause a WhatsApp crash loop on Android.
  • The URL is “wa.me/settings,” which would normally take you to the WhatsApp settings page.
  • The crash loop will happen every time you open up the affected chat. Deleting that message is the only fix for now.

Since WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service globally, one can only imagine the number of URLs sent and received daily on the platform. One URL, though, appears to be wreaking havoc on the Android version of WhatsApp.

As first spotted by Brute Bee on Twitter and verified by Android Authority, sending the URL “wa.me/settings” causes a WhatsApp crash loop. It only appears to be a problem on the Android version of the app but does appear to affect both the consumer and business versions. The device we tested this on was running version, although other versions might also be affected.