iPhone SE 2022 review second opinion showing back of the phone in hand

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority
  • Compared to Android-powered rivals, the $429 iPhone SE isn’t cheap. You can find more recent tech for a lower price.
  • Apple may need to release an even cheaper iPhone to appeal to new customers in emerging markets.
  • The iPhone maker is reportedly unwilling to pursue this option to avoid diluting its premium brand and to maintain its high-end status.

For a long time, Apple had refrained from releasing lower-end iPhones that cater to those on more limited budgets. While we now have an SE line with a lower price tag, it’s still relatively expensive compared to cheap Android phones. Despite that, Apple reportedly has no plans to release an even cheaper iPhone anytime soon, as that would dilute its premium brand.

According to Bloomberg, Apple may need to release a more affordable iPhone to appeal to customers in emerging markets. However, the company is reportedly unwilling to do so, as that could impact its high-end status. Consequently, those on lower budgets will have to seek a low-end Android phone or opt for a used iPhone.