OnePlus Watch 2 2

Credit: Aamir Siddiqui / Android Authority
  • OHealth, the companion app for the OnePlus Watch 2, threw an ominous warning to users, informing them that the app tried to access sensitive Google account data but was blocked by Google.
  • However, this warning appears to be triggered by Google’s deprecation of the Google Fit API rather than any activity from OnePlus.
  • OnePlus is rolling out an update to the OHealth app that subsequently removes Google Fit integration.

OnePlus took a solid crack at making a good smartwatch with the OnePlus Watch 2. While we do like the watch overall, we note in our OnePlus Watch 2 review that it is not perfect. Some of the issues on the smartwatch are also coming in from the Wear OS platform, like the messy data sharing through Health Connect with services like Google Fit. OnePlus Watch 2 users found themselves staring at an ominous warning in the OHealth app, but there’s no reason to fret.

Recently, the OHealth app that is needed to pair and effectively use the OnePlus Watch 2 showcased two warnings. The first warning mentioned that the app was requesting access to “sensitive info” in your Google account and that OPPO (and OnePlus) needed to verify the app with Google. The second warning came with scarier wordings, mentioning that the app tried to access “sensitive info” in your Google account, and Google blocked this access to keep your account safe.