The HTC Chacha.

Credit: Amazon

There are usually only three buttons on modern smartphones, namely volume up, volume down, and the power button. Some exceptions exist, though, such as dedicated shortcut keys for voice assistants. Go back to the early 2010s, however, and you might see camera shutter buttons too. But there were a few phones in that era that came with an even stranger hardware key. Yep, we’re talking about the Facebook button.

Believe it or not, HTC launched two devices in 2011 that came with dedicated Facebook buttons. First came the HTC Status or ChaCha (depending on your region), which was equipped with a keypad and a small touchscreen. Then the HTC Salsa, which was a fully touch-enabled device (seen further down the page). Both had an awkwardly placed Facebook shortcut key on the chin of the phone. It almost goes without saying that this placement wouldn’t fly today due to the drive for thinner bezels.