nothing phone 2a best of mwc 2024

Credit: Bogdan Petrovan / Android Authority
  • Nothing dropped a few cryptic teasers hinting at a new product launch.
  • Rumors suggest the device could be the CMF Phone 1, featuring a unique connector for accessories.
  • A separate leak reveals the alleged full specifications of the CMF Phone 1.

Rumors about the upcoming Nothing Phone 3 have been swirling for a while, but recent cryptic messages from Nothing’s official X (formerly Twitter) account have sent speculation into overdrive.

The company shared an image of a mysterious device showcasing a prominent screw, along with the caption “3, 2, 1,” which could be suggesting an imminent launch. While the image doesn’t explicitly depict a smartphone, a subsequent tweet featuring phone and screw emojis implies that the device could indeed be a new mobile offering.