Copilot PC Hero

Credit: Microsoft
  • Windows 11’s new AI-powered Recall feature captures a screenshot of your screen every five seconds.
  • Even though Recall’s database is encrypted, a security researcher found that it’s easily accessible when the PC is in use.
  • Hackers could develop malware to remotely steal Recall databases without the user’s knowledge.

Even though Microsoft’s new Copilot Plus PCs are a few weeks away from hitting store shelves, security researchers are already raising alarms about a new Windows 11 AI feature. Dubbed Recall, Microsoft pitches it as an “explorable timeline of your PC’s past.”

With Recall enabled, Windows 11 will capture screenshots of your screen every five seconds and record various interactions with your PC. You can then ask the Copilot AI chatbot questions about your past interactions or simply browse through the timeline of text and images.