Google Search on smartphone stock photo (3)

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • We’ve spotted hints that a comments feature is coming soon to Notes, which is an experimental feature for Google Search.
  • Notes allows users to post their opinion about content present on the internet, while comments would extend the ability to reply to such notes to other users.

In November 2023, Google announced a new Google Search Labs feature called Notes. This opt-in feature lets users write brief comments about content online and decorate these notes with stickers, text, and background photos. Notes essentially builds a comments community around articles on the internet, letting users share their experiences and thoughts on what they just read. Soon, other users will be able to reply and comment on your Google Search Notes.

Android Authority contributor Assemble Debug managed to activate a new Comments section under Notes settings. This setting isn’t visible to end users currently. Since the Comments setting rests under the Notes header, it is fair to say that this could allow the original poster of the Note to toggle comments on and off for other users.