Windows 11 Desktop homescreen

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • We are testing a Snapdragon X Elite laptop running Windows on Arm, and many VPN apps don’t work.
  • If you try to install a VPN app that is not designed for Arm systems, the installation will fail.
  • To get around this, you must use a VPN provider that supports Arm (such as Surfshark) or connect your account to Windows’ built-in VPN system.

Yesterday, the first wave of Copilot Plus PCs started rolling out to consumers. We got our hands on the 7th-gen Surface Laptop, one of the star machines of the new Copilot Plus PC program. We’ve been testing it out over the past 24 hours, and we have…some thoughts. Those will come soon enough, but one thing we found was a pretty big deal, and we don’t see it being talked about enough.

The big deal is that most VPN apps won’t work on Copilot Plus PCs (or any Windows on Arm machine). If the VPN app is designed for x86/x64 machines, the installation simply fails. There is no way to install the VPN app and then use Windows’ Prism emulator to run it.