Windows 11 Desktop homescreen

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • We are testing a Snapdragon X Elite laptop running Windows on Arm, and many VPN apps don’t work.
  • If you try to install a VPN app that is not designed for Arm systems, the installation will fail.
  • To get around this, you must use a VPN provider that supports Arm (such as Surfshark) or connect your account to Windows’ built-in VPN system.

Update, June 19, 2024 (01:12 PM ET): We received a statement from Private Internet Access (PIA) regarding its plans to launch an Arm version of its app. Here’s what Himmat Bains, PIA’s Head of Product, had to say:

PIA has an Arm-native build ready and waiting. We’ve tested the app on our test machines and they are good to go — we’re just waiting on Microsoft to provide the driver signing certificate. We’ve been waiting for Microsoft’s certificate for a few weeks. Once we have it, we can move to a Beta version.