A user accesses information using the Gemini app's photo analysis capabilities.

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority
  • Google Gemini is now officially available in the UK and the EU.
  • Android users can now download the full Gemini app through the Play Store.
  • iOS users can access Gemini in the “coming weeks” via the Google app.

The Gemini app has been slow to reach some parts of the world, leaving several larger markets in the cold. Today, Google is plugging those gaps, officially rolling out access to its new assistant to the UK and EU member states and pushing its region availability to over 170 countries and territories.

Gemini was functional in several EU regions before today’s announcement, but users had to skirt around official channels to sideload the APK. Android users in these regions can now head to the Google Play Store to download the full Gemini app. Importantly, using the Gemini app will usurp Google Assistant’s position as your device’s assistant; the two cannot function concurrently.