We’ve reached a point in wireless audio where mid-range and flagship earbuds perform similarly. Performance alone isn’t enough to make a product stand out anymore. A product has to be different. Beats understands this, and the Beats Studio Buds Plus marry premium features with the option of a unique translucent finish. This eye-catching design will turn heads, but are the buds any good? Find out in our Beats Studio Buds Plus review.

About this Beats Studio Buds Plus review: I tested the Beats Studio Buds Plus over four days. The Studio Buds Plus ran firmware 2A219, and I used it with an iPhone running iOS 16.5. I also used a Google Pixel 6 with the Beats app running V2.6 (16125). Android Authority purchased this unit for review.

Beats Studio Buds Plus review: What you need to know

The Beats Studio Buds Plus accessories with all four sets of ear tips on display.