Baseus 100W Quick Charge 5 charger

Most smartphones sport fast-charging technology these days, but buying the correct accessory to fast-charge all your gadgets is a tricky business. Baseus has a one-stop solution for all your power needs with its Quick Charge 5-certified 100W GaN II Fast Charger. With 100W of power onboard, this is one of the most powerful chargers you can buy.

Founded in 2011, Baseus’ product portfolio spans the charging, audio, lighting, and smart home appliance markets, to name just a few. Baseus sells its wares in over 180 countries and regions via over 30 online shopping platforms and has nearly 600 physical stores located around the world. The company has won industrial awards for its product design, including Reddot, IF, iDEA, Golden Pin, and Pentawards.

Why Quick Charge 5?

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The first question you may have about Baseus’ 100W charger is why support Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 and not some other standard?

Quick Charge 5 is one of the industry’s most powerful, energy-efficient, and safest fast-charging standards on the market today. Qualcomm states that its latest technology is 10°C cooler, as much as 70% more efficient, and up to 4x faster than its previous solutions. As we know, keeping temperatures low is very important to battery longevity during fast charging. In addition, Quick Charge 5 supports a wide range of voltage, current, thermal, and other protection layers, ensuring that devices charge safely even at 100W.

Perhaps most importantly, Quick Charge 5 is compatible with the tech industry’s most popular charging standards. It’s not some proprietary technology that only works with a limited number of phones and gadgets.

The protocol is backwards compatible with Qualcomm’s previous versions of Quick Charge, ranging from Quick Charge 4+ to the classic and persistently popular Quick Charge 2 variant. Quick Charge 5 is also based on the USB Power Delivery PPS protocol. It can fast-charge gadgets that support this latest universal standard and the original USB Power Delivery standard.

In total, Quick Charge 5 supports more than 250 mobile devices and over 1,000 accessories. Compatible devices include the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Apple’s iPhone 12 range, the Nintendo Switch, MacBook Pro, and many other gadgets with a USB-C port. It should be able to fast charge nearly any gadget you throw at it.

Everything you need to know about the charger

Baseus 100W Quick Charge 5 charger in pocket

The Baseus 100W GaN II Fast Charger sports a single USB-C port that provides up to 100W of power using the Quick Charge 5 and the aforementioned compatible standards. That’s enough power for your smartphone or high-performance laptop. Baseus notes that its plug can fully charge a 96W MacBook Pro 16-inch in just two hours or charge a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to 70% in just 30 minutes.

In addition, the GaN II Fast Charger is built using Gallium Nitrate (GaN) components. GaN components are more efficient and allow for greater heat dissipation, which, combined with Quick Charge 5 support, ensures the charger remains cool when delivering 100W of juice. GaN also allows the charger to be more compact and lighter than traditional models while also running cooler. Baseus’ GaN model is 40% smaller than its previous 96W charger.

For those after a one-stop charging solution for your smartphone, laptop, and more, the Baseus 100W GaN II Fast Charger with Quick Charge 5 onboard has you covered. Alternatively, the Baseus 100W 4-Port GaN II Charger, which can charge four devices simultaneously, is a great pick if you’re looking for a USB Power Delivery PPS charger that can power multiple devices at once.

If you’re interested, click the link below and use the promo code 100WQC50 for $10 off the Baseus 100W GaN II Fast Charger and code 100W4PORT for $11 off the Baseus 100W 4-Port GaN II Charger.

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