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Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • AT&T has launched a new service called AT&T Turbo that allows customers to pay extra for prioritized data.
  • It aims to provide faster speeds and reduced lag, particularly in congested areas or during peak traffic times.
  • AT&T Turbo is available as a $7 per month add-on for eligible plans.

AT&T has announced a new service called AT&T Turbo, allowing customers to pay for prioritized data on their wireless connections. Launching on May 2, the feature is designed to enhance the experience of real-time activities such as gaming, live video streaming, and video calls, especially in congested network situations.

By subscribing to Turbo, AT&T customers gain network priority when network traffic is high. This could translate to significant benefits in crowded areas like sporting events, where many people vying for bandwidth can lead to slower speeds. Turbo users would theoretically experience less lag, buffering, and faster connectivity compared to standard AT&T customers.