ASUS ROG Ally Hollow Knight

Credit: Nick Fernandez / Android Authority
  • ROG Ally X, the upgrade to the ASUS ROG Ally gaming handheld, will launch on June 2.
  • The Ally X focuses on addressing battery life concerns, along with increased RAM and potential design tweaks.
  • A revamped Armory Crate SE software is also coming, promising a cleaner interface and better customization.

Just about a year after its initial foray into the Windows handheld gaming space, ASUS is revving up for an upgraded successor to the ROG Ally. The company dropped a YouTube video titled “The next ROG Ally is coming” today, hinting at some major upgrades, with additional details confirmed in an interview with The Verge.

The ROG Ally X isn’t a next-gen upgrade to the original, but it directly addresses key areas where users wanted more from the ROG handheld. While it will retain the same AMD Z1 Extreme chipset and 7-inch VRR screen as the Ally, it directly addresses many of its pain points.