ASUS ROG Ally Hollow Knight

Credit: Nick Fernandez / Android Authority
  • ASUS is currently developing the next ROG Ally handheld gaming PC.
  • The company hinted at some major upgrades, like more RAM and battery life.
  • A rumor may have revealed the battery life and amount of RAM.

ASUS is in the process of developing a new ROG Ally handheld gaming PC that’s not a sequel to the original, but an improved version of it. The company teased details about the system in a recent interview, but didn’t go too far into the specifics. Now a rumor may have given us some more specific information to set some expectations.

When the original ROG Ally launched, it shipped with 16GB of RAM and a 40Wh battery that provides about 2-6.8 hours of playtime. These were a few areas of concern for those who purchased the device.