YouTube on smartphone stock photo 16

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

YouTube and its policies are being heavily criticized by users of late. The frustration is evident in the hundreds of daily, incessant posts on Reddit, where subscribers are revolting against everything from YouTube Premium prices to the sudden surge of longer, irrelevant, and NSFW ads, to the platform’s ad-blocker ban, as well as other unpopular changes.

Most recently, YouTube announced a crackdown on mobile ad blockers and third-party apps like ReVanced that block ads. These types of platforms will now suffer from buffering issues or error messages.

In all fairness, Google is only trying to push users toward its YouTube Premium plan, which blocks ads for paying customers. It’s purely a business play. The problem is how the company is going about convincing people to start paying. To many, it seems like Google is desperate for more YouTube Premium subscribers despite recently reaching the 100 million milestone.

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