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Credit: Chipolo
  • iOS 17.5 beta includes code suggesting unwanted tracker alerts are coming to iPhones soon.
  • This feature is needed to prevent Apple users from being stalked with Android-compatible Bluetooth trackers. For this reason, Google delayed the launch of Android’s Find My Device network upgrade.
  • iOS 17.5 is expected to go live in May in the stable branch.

Android’s Find My Device network is long overdue for an upgrade, and one was announced by Google at Google I/O 2023. However, that upgrade is being held up by none other than Apple, as iPhones have no way of detecting Android’s upcoming Bluetooth trackers (to prevent stalking and other malicious uses). Thankfully, we see hope on the horizon, as the latest iOS 17.5 beta includes references to unwanted tracker alerts, which in turn would allow Google to launch Android’s upgraded Find My Device network and third-party Bluetooth trackers.

9to5Mac has found evidence of anti-stalking features in the code of iOS 17.5 beta, which was released recently. Strings added to the Find My app reveal that iOS will identify tracking accessories, even when they’re not Apple or Find My certified, and it will help users disable them. Here is the code that was spotted: