Apple M2 Ultra SoC

Credit: Aamir Siddiqui / Android Authority
  • The new M2 Ultra is Apple’s most powerful SoC ever.
  • It can be configured with up to 24 CPU cores, up to 76 GPU cores, and up to 192GB of RAM.
  • Pricing for M2 Ultra-equipped Mac Studio starts at $ and goes up to $.

WWDC 2023 is here, and it serves as the stage for some of Apple’s most ambitious hardware plays we have ever seen. At the heart of a lot of Apple’s recent hardware has been the M-series of chips which started with the M1 generation and added in Pro, Max, and Ultra upgrades. We’re now in the M2 generation with Pro and Max upgrades, and Apple has just announced the new M2 Ultra, its most ridiculously overpowered SoC ever.

The M2 Ultra is a generational upgrade over the M1 Ultra from early 2022 and a big spec bump over the M2 Max that was announced a year ago at WWDC 2022. The highlight of the M2 Ultra is its 24 CPU cores that break down into 16 high-performance cores and eight efficiency cores. Complementing the CPU cores are up to 76 GPU cores, as well as RAM options of 64GB, 128GB, and 192GB.