Apple iPad Pro M2 2022 in Magic Keyboard

Credit: Oliver Cragg / Android Authority
  • Apple is expected to unveil new iPad Air and iPad Pro models at its “Let Loose” event.
  • The iPad Air may adopt a dual-screen-size strategy similar to the MacBook Air.
  • The iPad Pro might receive OLED displays, a redesigned Magic Keyboard, and a larger trackpad.

Apple’s highly anticipated “Let Loose” event on Tuesday promises to usher in a transformative era for the iPad. While we expect updates to the iPad Pros and iPad Airs, industry insider Mark Gurman has provided key insights into the post-event iPad lineup configuration and its ambitious convergence with the MacBook experience.

Gurman proposes that the 35-minute presentation will streamline the current iPad lineup and solidify the iPad Pro’s position as a powerful alternative to traditional laptops. Initially, the new iPad Pros were expected to get upgraded to the M3 chip. However, Gurman seems convinced that they would instead launch with the yet-announced M4 chip.