Apple Vision Pro Eyesight 3

Credit: Apple
  • A Guest Mode has been spotted in the visionOS SDK.
  • This indicates that the Apple Vision Pro will have a guest mode allowing you to share the headset with others.
  • The Vision Pro makes use of Optic ID to authenticate its owner.

The Apple Vision Pro is an exciting piece of cutting-edge technology strapped onto your face. It is admittedly expensive, but undeniably, it is a window into the future, however dystopian that future might be. It feels surreal thinking about spending $3,500 on a computing device that will be very deeply personal. Thankfully, the Vision Pro will likely come with a Guest Mode to let you share your costly new gadget with your friends and family.

As spotted by 9to5Mac within the visionOS SDK, Apple has included a Guest Mode on visionOS on the Apple Vision Pro. As the name would imply, Guest Mode will let other people use an Apple Vision Pro that is registered to someone else.